Reduce Stress & Live Longer

Reduce Stress & Live Longer

Reduce Stress & Live Longer

STRESS, these days, seems synonymous with simply existing as a human being. We live in a hyper-frazzled, multi-tasking, venti-caffeinated, relentlessly sleep-deprived world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to unplug from all of it – both metaphorically and physically.

Well, folks, I don’t want to stress you out about “stress” (wink), but we need to get our sh*t together quickly! Stress is directly linked to inflammation, the root cause of all age-related diseases, from cancer to heart disease to diabetes.

If you want to live longer, you must start prioritizing a stress-reduction protocol as part of your healthy aging lifestyle. And if you think you’re too young to worry about healthy aging, then you haven’t been paying attention to our conversations – because, as I say, it’s never too late – or too early – to start living young.

For years, I have made stress-relief part of my healthy lifestyle practice. Here are some of my daily routines:

  • Stress-relieving exercise
  • Grounding (watch my video to learn more about the benefits of “earthing”)
  • Meditation
  • Sleep prioritization
  • Breathwork (learn the simple but profound 4-7-8 breath)

Still, you would be surprised how many other stress-reduction techniques can help you minimize stress, decrease inflammation, and prolong your life.
The creator of @WeAreAgeist and host of Super Age: Live Better Podcast, David Stewart, put together an incredible STRESS REDUCTION GUIDE packed with powerful tools, and is gifting it to all of you. Check it out! 

Many clients come to me desperate to learn how to lose their last pesky five to ten pounds, but gain so much more than weight loss during our time together! I can teach you how to reach your goals from the inside out. I’d love to work with you one-on-one. Book a private session here. You can live in peace, body, mind, and spirit. Let me help you learn how to relax, be your healthiest self, and lengthen your health span!

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