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Live Young VIP Transformation Program


Live Young VIP Transformation Program

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Live Young VIP Transformation Program

About This Program
VIP Transformation is a two-month program that offers a complete anti-aging overhaul, with personalized education and support. Throughout the 60 days of this program, Darnell continually re-assesses your complete anti-aging needs, which includes nutrition, diet, exercise, skincare, and (if desired) procedural and surgical options in order to create a customized, evolving plan that helps you look and feel years younger. Darnell will provide you with expert advice and guidance throughout the process.

Prior to our initial meeting, you will complete a thorough dietary, health, exercise, and skincare analysis form, so that both you and Darnell can understand your needs and challenges. With that in mind, Darnell will create a plan that helps you achieve your desired goals.
Live Young VIP includes one-on-one personalized attention. You will receive skincare product evaluation and advice, personalized exercise routines, nutritional advice and specialized weight-loss plans, if needed.

This package includes weekly in-person meetings, as well as contacts with the appropriate specialists in the Los Angeles area. Should you desire to meet with any of them, Darnell will accompany you to your appointments. If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, we will have a weekly on-line video call or SKYPE during which Darnell will introduce you to the appropriate pre-screened doctors, specialists, and treatments that are available in your area.

What’s Included

  • 1 Pre-AssessmentInterview with Darnell, which leads to:
  • 1 Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment, including detailed analyses of your current diet, skincare, and exercise regimens, that culminates in:
  • 1 Initial 4-Week Customized Anti-Aging Plan, including skincare, diet, and exercise plans that evolves into:
  • 1 Additional 4-Week Customized Anti-aging Plan, including a 2nd phase of nutrition coaching, skincare assessments and treatment plans and personalized exercise routines.
  • 2 Months of Anti-Aging Coaching (Mind, Body, and Spirit)
  • 2 Months of Phone/Text/Skype/Email Support
  • Darnell will accompany you in-person (if desired) to dermatologists, surgeons, and aesthetic experts in the Los Angeles area. (If you are outside the Los Angeles area, an in-depth evaluation will be provided of the top experts in your area)
  • Membership to
  • 8 Weekly In-Person or Video Appointments
  • 1 Post-Program Follow up Session