Neck & Décolletage Anti-Aging Treatments

Neck & Décolletage Anti-Aging Treatments

Are your neck and décolletage showing your age?

It’s so frustrating, right? We spend time and money on skincare products and treatments for our faces, only to have our necks and chests (and our hands) show our real age. Ugh. I’m not going to lie; I DO look younger in a scarf. But wearing a scarf year-round is not really an option. So why do our necks and décolletage show our age before our faces?

Well, part of the reason is that the skin on the neck is much thinner skin than that on our faces. Our necks work hard all day long, turning our heads in multiple directions, which causes a loss of collagen at a faster rate. Yet, another culprit of the accelerated aging of the neck and décolletage is neglect. We simply pay less time and attention to these areas than we spend on our faces. Our skin does not stop at our jawlines, Folks, so neither should our skincare treatments.

Here are My Top Anti-Aging Treatments for Neck & Décolletage!

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy devices, such as the Omnilux Contour Neck & Décolleté deliver optimal coverage at a therapeutic wavelength (630-850nm) to improve the overall appearance of the treatment area. The combination of red and near-infrared light energizes the skin on a cellular level to stimulate collagen and even skin tone and texture. Red light therapy reduces the appearance of pigmentation, redness, and fine lines & wrinkles. It improves the appearance of sunspots and melasma, promotes healthier, younger-looking skin, and is all-natural with no pain, side effects, or downtime.

Silicone Sheets

Medical grade silicone sheets with an adhesive back help to draw moisture deep from within the skin to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. Because I am a side sleeper, I sleep EVERY night with a silicone chest pad! It has dramatically decreased my decolletage wrinkles! Hooray! It is recommended to wear the silicone patches for at least one hour, however, the best results are achieved when worn overnight.



Microcurrent devices such as the Myolift Mini use gentle, low-voltage currents to strengthen facial muscles, stimulate collagen production in the dermal layer, and even out connective tissue, which minimizes wrinkles.

Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency (RF) waves that penetrate up to 3mm deep and warm the dermis layer up to 140°F promote the remodeling & growth of collagen. RF-based devices, such as the Lumo by EvenSkyn, are loaded with cutting-edge technologies scientifically proven to reverse the effect of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin & more.

Radio Frequency


Micro-needling involves creating microscopic traumas in the skin through a micro-needling skin stamp, derma roller with surgical steel needles, or a micro-needling device such as Dr. Pen micro-needling tool. No matter how you micro-needle, the results are undeniable. Micro-needling is a game-changer! I’ve noticed dramatic improvements in skin tone and texture as well as skin tightening and resurfacing of the neck and chest.

Chemical Peels

Look for larger molecule AHA peels when treating the thin skin of the neck, such as Lactic acid or Mandelic acid. The Ordinary makes an amazing Mandelic Acid 10% + HA to improve uneven Skin Tone, textural irregularities, and dullness. Check out my Instagram Live on At-Home Chemical Peels to learn more.

Skincare Creams

If the actives in your facial skincare routine (Vitamin C serum or Retinols) are causing irritation to the more delicate skin on your neck and décolletage, try sandwiching the active ingredients between two layers of moisturizer. For example, apply moisturizer to your neck and décolletage, followed by your regular facial skincare (vitamin C serum in the morning, or retinol-based skincare at night), followed by another layer of moisturizer. Optimally, look for skincare specifically designed for the neck and décolletage as they are usually milder. And ALWAYS protect this delicate area with sunscreen.

In-Office Treatments

Like all at-home treatments, there are usually more intense (and more expensive) in-office treatments. Sculptra injections, administered by a trained professional in a dermatology office, plastic surgery clinic, or med spa, help to stimulate collagen and thicken up the fragile skin of the neck. More intense chemical peels, such as the Obagi Blue Peel, work to resurface the treatment area, softening fine lines and wrinkles and tightening the crepey skin. In-office radio frequency treatments, such as Morpheus 8, which combines RF with micro-needling, yield even greater results than the two different treatments alone. See my dramatic before and after results on YouTube.

So that’s it! Those are my top anti-aging treatments for the neck and décolletage. Let’s hang up those scarves, Folks, and start treating these delicate areas with the attention that they deserve.

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