I have no shame in saying that I am a guinea pig of the cosmetic industry. However, I won’t try everything. I do my research, and IF the technology supporting the claims make sense to me, I will be the first in line to test it out. Thankfully, there is an endless buffet table of beauty products and procedures out there. I keep myself quite busy.

Some things fall short of living up to their promises, while others are blatant lies. But, if you wade through all the bullshit (false advertising and retouched photos), every once in blue moon, you discover something that REALLY works. Today, my friends, I’m sharing with you what I believe to be a mini-miracle. It’s called Micro-Needling.

At first sight, the device looks like something straight out of some medieval torture chamber. But never fear, just because it LOOKS scary, the procedure itself is actually quite simple AND safe. A technician uses a multi pin-tipped device to… (hold on to your britches) poke tiny holes in your skin.


Sound painful? Well… Let’s just say it doesn’t tickle. However, the pain involved is tolerable, and well worth it.  BECAUSE… (drum roll please)… IT WORKS! It boosts collagen and elastin and makes your skin look and behave years, that’s right, YEARS younger. (HOORAY!)

The damaged tissue naturally stimulates new collagen, which strengthens the underlying support system of the skin. It reduces wrinkles, helps diminish stretch marks and acne scars. I’ve done it twice in a professional salon, and noticed that about a week after each treatment, my skin looked a bit…

well… fresher.

(And at my age, “fresher” is a very good thing!)

The Dermapen, Eclipse MicroPen, and Skinpen are among the top Micro-Needling devices available at medi spas and some dermatology offices. However, at about $250-$1000 a pop, it’s not for everyone.

There are some good home-use products that mimic the effects of those performed by a qualified technician. Most that I have seen are derma-roller type products that look like a mini, hand-held, steam-roller of needles, with tiny pins, ranging from .05-1.5 mm in length.

I use the Derma Roller 1.5 mm + 1.0 Body Kit | 2-In-1 Derma Roller Kit for Cellulite, Stretch Marks, and Wrinkles.  Use caution when using these devices and make sure to read the directions thoroughly, since there is an increased risk of infection or scarring if not used properly.

For around the eyes, the device I actually prefer to use over the derma-roller is the skin stamp. Nurse Jaime, owner of Beauty Park in Santa Monica, has created an ingenious little device, called a Beauty Stamp, which I use 3-4 times per week at home before applying my nighttime skin regime. Like both the in-office Micro-Needling as well as consumer home products, this unique tool makes micro-impressions in your skin to enhance  delivery of skin care products; additionally, the natural healing of your skin helps to promote collagen and elastin.

Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Stamp

The Beauty Stamp, basically a plastic device with small metal needles on the head, is unlike the derma rollers, in that it has no moving parts. You simply “stamp” your face with it, creating microscopic holes. Follow this with application of Nurse Jamie’s EGF eye cream and you will undoubtedly see improvement in elasticity.

Whether it’s done by a professional at $250+ per treatment, or you’re doing it yourself at home, Micro-Needling is a beauty trick that I have found works, so hop on this hot beauty trend and send me your feedback.

Live Young,
Darnell :)