Exercise Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Most people know that staying active is one of the keys to a long and healthy life. What isn’t common knowledge is that working out is also a secret to smooth and radiant skin! If you want to maintain youthful skin, then you might want to get your sweat on.

The main reason an active lifestyle promotes better skin is through an improved blood flow. You know how your cheeks flush when you’re out of breath? When the body’s temperature rises through activity, the cardiovascular system starts pumping more blood to the surface of the skin. This is vital to the skin as blood carries essential nutrients with it.

During circulation, free radicals – harmful molecules you get from pollution and dirt – embedded in the skin get carried away as waste. Free radicals can cause a range of skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and saggy skin.

Through exercise, the body releases endorphins (happy hormones) which counter cortisol (stress hormones). Plastic surgeon Yael Halaas explained that too much cortisol can cause breakouts. It can be a vicious cycle, too, because acne can result in more stress from finding remedies and problems with self-confidence. If you exercise, you can reduce hormones that cause your breakouts and you’ll be much happier and younger-looking. Exercise can also help you sleep better to avoid pimples and pale skin.

Things to avoid

1. Sun
Live Young previously tackled the dangers of sun exposure aside from skin cancer. If you aren’t being smart by using sunscreen, you might age faster. Do your workout before 10 AM or after 4 PM as many doctors recommend. If you have to exercise outside during that window, remember to put on sunscreen.

2. Heat
People with skin problems like psoriasis and eczema shouldn’t workout in the heat as it can aggravate their condition. Try to go for a run at night when the air is crisp and always bring a towel for wiping away sweat. You can even try exercises that don’t make you sweat as much like swimming.

3. Excessive Prolonged Exercise
Remember that it doesn’t have to be long. 30-minutes of exercise every day is better than pushing your body to the limit through hours of workouts at the weekend.

Take it from the pros

Athletes have some of the most marketable faces in the advertising industry. The general public are often captivated not just by their sporting excellence, but also their confidence, which many of them owe to their good skin. Simone Biles credits her clear skin to her physical activities. The 21-year old Olympic medalist from Ohio includes gymnastics and strength training in her routine. Biles revealed that she doesn’t like to put products on her face and only splashes water on it after training. It’s a testament to how exercise and healthy diet can benefit the skin.

Nicola Adams is another athlete with enviable skin. Coral notes that she’s the ‘golden girl of British boxing’, and her daily training consists of sparring, spinning, and weight-training. Despite being 35, one of her nicknames is ‘Babyface’ because of her looks. Her skin is smooth, glowing, and luscious which makes her face look youthful at all times even after a grueling sparring session. She also likes to do a lot of body-weight exercises, like push ups and crunches. These can be done in your own home and don’t require any fancy equipment. In addition, Adams takes precaution when it comes to skincare. The Overtake linked an advertisement that featured Adams and her skincare regimen. In the video, she mentioned that she uses a moisturizer to keep her skin looking firm. She also mentioned how taking care of her skin helps with her self-esteem. Daily training paired with a no-nonsense beauty routine is what keeps her skin acne-free, wrinkle-free, and all-around glowing.

The bottom line

Exercising regularly is a secret to staying young. You don’t need an extensive routine as long as you take care of the other aspects of skincare. Stay hydrated, eat well, get enough rest, avoid sun exposure, and make working out a priority!
Your skin will thank you for it.

Exclusively written for LiveYoungLifestyle.Com

By: AilsaFreya