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A bright shining light of a human being, noted author, yoga instructor, Melanie Salvatore-August (@melsalaugust), would often say during my 200 hr yoga teacher -training, “THE POWER IS IN THE PAUSE.” That is, I want to share how I personally use the techniques described in...

As I look forward to my 53rd birthday in a few weeks, this quote comes to mind. If we take care of our health (and w/a little luck & good genes) we will ALL become OLD. And yet, AGE-ism is the most prevalent “ism” around...

‘Twas a week before Christmas, and Hannukkah’s done. And yet I still wonder, “What of Live Young”? Every year I feature twelve or thirteen Anti-aging gifts on which I am keen To share with subscribers, the tricks of the trade. Potions and gadgets so proudly displayed. Jenny, Gina and Neal, our...

Turmeric Chicken / Turmeric Veggie Recipe   In my quest to reduce my intake of meat and poultry products, I’ve been experimenting with recipes that work just as well with organic meats as they do with organic vegetables. I don’t have my entire family on the whole...