Darnell Cox,
Living Young Expert

I was born in 1968 in a small town in California’s Central Valley, one of five children to parents who owned and worked a small ranch. But because my dreams went beyond the borders of our town, I moved to Los Angeles where I graduated from Cal State Northridge and met the father of my three children. I loved being a mother – still do – yet I wanted to learn more about what makes people tick. So, juggling parenthood and student life, I graduated with my Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University in 2002.

Over the years, my children grew up, and my husband and I grew apart, but my girlfriends were always a big part of my life. And as we began aging, it became clear that we were all beginning to deal with the (emotional) gravity of life and the (physical) effects of the earth’s gravity. Indeed, it was at about Mile 14 of the LA Marathon (yep, ran that!) that I conceived of LiveYoungLifestyle.com: a website offering anti-aging advice, diet and nutritional information, healthy original recipes, exercise guidance, and skincare knowledge.

Since that time, I attracted the attention of thousands of readers, subscribers, viewers and one incredibly supportive man, now my husband and father to my step-son. He inspired me to take the leap into filming my experiences, thus creating Live Young Lifestyle’s YouTube channel: a place for all things anti-aging, from skincare, makeup, and exercise tutorials to healthy recipes and in-depth interviews and treatments with leading dermatologists, aestheticians, and plastic surgeons.

Ever curious, I earned my certificate in Integrative Nutrition and Health, as well as a certificate in Personal Training (NCCP). Recently, while teaching my subscribers about vitamin supplements and nutrition, I launched the first Live Young products: the Live Young Vitamin & Supplement line. The products include Anti-Aging Multivitamin Daily Packs for both men and women, Live Young Youthful Energy sachets, Live Young Pre-Workout Energy powder, and a Live Young Hair, Skin & Nails supplement.

The journey continues as I launch my L.Y.L. skincare line in 2019.